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Back Home Again in Indiana

Go Colts!

(I had big plans of starting this blog our first week in Indy, but as it turns out, I can procrastinate just as well in Indiana as I could in Missouri. No one is surprised.)

For those of you wondering how we could afford tickets to a Colts game with Jesse being a kept man at the moment, it’s simple – we’re not eating for the rest of the month. (Unless he has a really good day panhandling. Then we’re going all out and splitting a pack of Ramen.) That or I won the tickets at work.


Because we’re both first borns, we got to the stadium with plenty of time before kickoff. The plan was to wander the stadium for a bit, find sustenance, and then find our seats. What actually happened was wandering for approximately 90 seconds before I started to get stabby (crowds are not my jam). We decided to find our seats so I could have a timeout and then find sustenance. This turned out to be the best decision of our lives because our seats included a quasi suite with sustenance, alcohol, and a much smaller crowd. So while everyone around us was shoving nachos and chili dogs in their faces, we feasted upon shockingly good hand carved roast turkey sandwiches (heart attacks don’t take game day off).


And in true Jenn and Jesse fashion, we found our seats only to be promptly kicked out of them. It wasn’t quite as bad as the time we got kicked out of The Nutcracker, though – we were just one section over rather than in the wrong stadium. And our real seats were better seats so winner winner turkey lunch.

Here’s the weird thing about Lucas Oil – it’s pretty brand spankin’ new and yet all the bathrooms aren’t automatic flushers and sinkers. The bathroom in the suite area was automatic, but the bathroom when you first walk in the stadium isn’t. Either they didn’t realize automatic existed until they were too far in, or they really look down on the general public.


If you’ve never been to an NFL game, I highly recommend it. With the fireworks, confetti, and drunk people watching (I’m assuming that’s what happens when you sit amongst the general public), it’s a full blown spectacle. A very expensive spectacle so I also highly recommend winning your tickets.

And while I’m recommending things – do the reserved parking. Yes, it’s probably more than you’d pay if you just drove up, but you also don’t have to fight for a spot. We used the Rolls Royce garage that’s about 2 steps from the stadium, and it was worth every penny. Partially because Rolls Royce was part of my life and I got to call people “dah-ling”. (That last part never happened.)

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