Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana

The S Word

Son of a mother. This was the forecast taunting me yesterday.

And lo and behold those weather jerks were right. There was (an incredibly light dusting of) snow on Stella this morning. It’s October, people. OCTOBER.

Why did I not take a moment to reflect upon Indy winters of yore before moving back here???

In other news, we got free tickets to the Sara Bareilles show last Friday (yay work perks!). It can pretty much be summed up as follows: a mini war capped off with adult beverages and mediocre cheese fries consumed at an alarming rate of speed.

Why do we continue to allow our hungry selves to get into a car???


And the big news of the week – I dominated the DMV yesterday. No but really. I didn’t even have to finish the written test, that’s how much I dominated. Of course, it’s against DMV policy to let society win so they retaliated by dominating the license plate (I have to wait for them to call me with the exciting news they have my title before I can go pay stupid amounts of money for an Indiana license plate). But the important thing to remember here is THEY’LL NEVER TAKE MY JOY.

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