Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana

Tuesday Tidbits


2. I finally updated my iPhone (actually Jesse did because I get ridiculously stressed out). It’s now incredibly slow and making me sea sick. Just kidding. Except for the slow part. I get a little stabby.

3. We went back to the cemetery to see TMG for the first time since the funeral. And then I ate my feelings. They were delectable.

Cow Palace

4. We had a costume contest at work. Mine was incredibly sad. Yet I still won a gift certificate to the swanky salon downtown. Moral of the story: always participate.

5. I may have lost my right to get angry about people bypassing Thanksgiving. Jesse and I bought our Christmas gift for each other last night, and the first round happens in 2 weeks. I’d feel worse about this if I didn’t love the symphony so much.

6. After almost 3 months, I unpacked the living room boxes, Jesse hung pictures on the walls, and he restacked things in the storage room so we can close the door. It was the most magical day of my life. Until I tanked in weekly picks. ::sad trombone::

7. I made buttermilk biscuits from scratch Saturday. Mostly I did it so someone would stop talking about buttermilk biscuits. And then we all learned why Yankees don’t make buttermilk biscuits. (Also, buttermilk biscuits.)


8. We’ll be spending stupid early Thanksgiving morning volunteering because we’re good people. We’ll skip over the part where my mom promised me we could tape the parade before I fully committed.

9. Speaking of volunteering, Jesse’s turned into a professional volunteer. Seriously. Homeboy’s got 2 events lined up this week and at least one more next week. I think he’s just trying to show my unemployment stint up.

10. Have you ever made pumpkin cake and right after you pour the batter in the pan realize you forgot to add the sugar? It’s now called Disaster Cake.

11. Last week in yoga I learned I’ve been doing planks wrong for years. But I’m still awesome at child’s pose.

12. I’m doing voicework for a station in South Bend that pays me in gift certificates, and it’s amazing. Le Peep is our new favorite breakfast/brunch place. I highly recommend anything with gravy (3 years in South Carolina straight up ruined me).

13. It’s November 5th, and I’m still waiting on pictures of my nieces in their Halloween costumes. (That’s what we call a subtle hint.)

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