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Monthly Archives: January, 2014

It’s A Hufflepuff Life

Me: So I was talking to Jay Z today. . . . Jesse: What? Me: Wouldn’t that be badass if that was our life? Like I legit was gchatting with … Continue reading

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Dear Husband

Dear Husband, As I mushed my way to work this morning, I realized I owe you an apology. During one of our many discussions about moving to Indianapolis, you asked … Continue reading

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I Look Like A Champion

It may be because it’s day 3 of snowantine and you can only stay sane for so long, but this just happened. It was followed by, “I look like a … Continue reading

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He’s a Real Boy

And by “boy”, I mean “Midwesterner”. I thought Jesse had crossed the Midwestern threshold with a blizzard and tornado in Joplin. But as I sat in the passenger seat while … Continue reading

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