Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana

Dear Husband

Dear Husband,

As I mushed my way to work this morning, I realized I owe you an apology.

During one of our many discussions about moving to Indianapolis, you asked how the winters were. I told you they were worse than Joplin but not as bad as Chicago. And now I think it’s safe to say I’m nothing more than a lying liar.

This winter has been every bit as bad as a Chicago winter – we’ve experienced a baby blizzard, face freezing cold, and more snow dumped on us every time the current snow contemplates melting. I would try to spin this by saying something along the lines of, “Oh the tales you can regale your South Carolina family with!” or, “At least you can spend this winter in the proper fashion – hibernating”, but let’s be real – there’s no way to spin this frozen tundra. . .mostly because it’s frozen.

So instead I’ll just say I’m sorry to drag you through this horrible recollection of my childhood winters. I’m sorry to provide you with the magical life experience of driving off the road into a snowbank and fighting uphill as your car struggles to find some semblance of traction. I’m sorry to introduce you to the concept of going out into the world the same day snow covers the ground. I’m sorry to give you the perspective of 32* feeling like 82*. But mostly I’m sorry you believed me when I told you winter wouldn’t be “that bad”.



Your Super Sly Wife

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