Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana

It’s A Hufflepuff Life

Me: So I was talking to Jay Z today. . . .

Jesse: What?

Me: Wouldn’t that be badass if that was our life? Like I legit was gchatting with Jay Z?

Jesse: Seriously. What?

Me: I had Hard Knock Life in my head.

Jesse: *It’s a Hufflepuff life. . .for us*

Me: I’m a Hufflepuff. Even though it’s the loser house.

Jesse: Is that why Poochie’s always like, (disgusted voice) “You’re a Hufflepuff”?

Me: Yeah.

Jesse: What’s she?

Me: Ravenclaw. They’re the nerds. Megan’s Slytherin.

Jesse: They’re evil, right?

Me: Yep. She’s proud of it though. She’s probably fluent in parseltongue.

Jesse: What the hell?

Me: She can talk to snakes.

Jesse: ::blank stare:: *It’s a Hufflepuff life. . .for us*

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