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Happy Birthday, Husband!

Until 2 seconds ago, I thought I always dedicated a blog post to (one of) my favorite ginger(s) on his birthday. Turns out I don’t. I really only did it 2 years ago when he turned 30 (although I’m pretty sure my mind was on it last year which should count for something). But I already titled this post so I’m pretty much in too deep at this point to do anything other than carry on.

I thought about doing a list of why he’s awesome but that’s already been done. I debated 32 Things I Should Probably Apologize For, but, real talk, that list is waaaaaaaaay longer than 32. So I landed at 32 Reasons We’re Meant To Be Together. We’ll see how this goes.


1. You won’t kill me for using that picture.
2. We were both fully on board with being pronounced “husband and wife and boos for life”.
3. I have a high standard for humor. You make me cry tears of laughter on a regular basis.
4. We both know the answer to “Is one more drink too much?” is always “No.”
5. We both know the answer to “Would cheesecake be overdoing it?” is always “No.”
6. We would both rather spend money at a decent restaurant than on a haircut.
7. We both have a food problem.
8. And maybe an alcohol problem.
9. For sure a cheesecake problem.
10. I constantly tell you you’re a terrible driver. You continue to drive me places.
11. You would rather clean the bathroom than listen to me whine about cleaning the bathroom.
12. You want to spend all the money. I want to hoard all the money.
13. I hate talking on the phone. You willingly spend 20 minutes talking the bank into giving us back an asinine $25 charge.
14. You clear my car off because you know the cold will kill me (on the inside).
15. The conversations we have would send most people running faster than a cheetah.
16. We’re both just enough crazy to be really interesting.
17. I’m a bit of a nightmare. You haven’t killed me yet.
18. We would both rather stay home with a movie than deal with the general public.
19. I tell you you smell nice and sniff you. You tell me to stop being creepy.
20. We both know last minute trips are better than well planned trips.
21. You dream big. I dream small.
22. You obsessively stalk severe weather and get us to a safe place before it really hits the fan. I get drunk and ask if we should bring snacks.
23. Our fights are never over anything big so much as you buying the wrong pasta.
24. You shave your face regularly for me. I shave my legs occasionally for you.
25. I let you watch Trailer Cops. You let me watch Full House.
26. You make amazing hot chocolate. I like hot chocolate.
27. We are terrible at being serious.
28. We both know the magic that is a living room dance party. Booty music not optional.
29. I speak in movie quotes and song lyrics. You translate.
30. On road trips, we compromise on a soundtrack. Usually silence.
31. We both have strong feelings about winter weather. And they’re not good.
32. You act like your birthday’s not a big deal. I blow it out of proportion.

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