Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana

Tuesday Tales

I’ve been doing a real bang up job updating this thing. Really rocking out that whole post once a week goal I set for myself.

A few weeks ago, Jesse finally got to live out a childhood dream and attend prom. Considering it was never his childhood dream, I’d say it was a success.

While waiting in the bar line. Because more drinks were obviously what we needed.

While waiting in the bar line. Because more drinks were obviously what we needed.

Also a success? Uber. Chauncey 1 (I like to call the drivers Chauncey) picked us up for prom, and 40 minutes later, he and Jesse were BFFs. If only Chauncey 1 wasn’t moving to Grand Rapids. Chauncey 2 picked us up from prom, and 2 minutes later ruined any shot at BFFness by saying what a disaster he kept hearing Smiley Prom was. (Maybe make sure you’re not trash talking your passenger’s place of employment before you start in, dude.) But overall, I’d highly recommend Uber. Especially if you’re into not getting a DUI. And if you’re into free money, use the promo code ntfc9 when you register. You’ll get a $20 credit, I’ll get a $20 credit, and we’ll all get to hang out with Chauncey.

I was in shorts Sunday and was brushing snow off my car this morning. Lake effect snow. In Indianapolis. What is happening???

Wisconsin: where the beaches come with snow

Wisconsin: where the beaches come with snow

Someone told this kid she could turn 6 today. I’m not okay with it.


Sunday, the youngest sibling ran a half marathon in the snow while Jesse and I walked 3.668 miles in 77 degrees and intermittent sun. Same thing really.

So is it state law or not?

So is it state law or not?

A few weeks ago, we went to hang out with my mom while my dad was living it up hating life in India. On the way back, I saw a sign proclaiming “New Houses Starting in the $110s”. I immediately thought, “Yeah, okay” which translated into, “Hey, we should check that out” coming out of my mouth. So a week later we did. And promptly lost our minds thinking this was a real possibility. As in walked the model, got the realtor to go back with us, and priced out a house. Turns it it is a real possibility, but don’t worry – we’ve come back down to used house land.


See what’s happening here? This is how we spend our Friday nights now – signing legal documents on the trunk of the car at the gas station. It doesn’t look like the world’s most legit drug deal at all. (That would be house offer #2 being signed. Which was also a no go. So that’s 2 offers in, 2 offers out. But that’s okay because it means the next one has to be a keeper what with third time’s the charm and all. Right? RIGHT???)


Saturday was way too nice out to be sad and stay home, so we went to the Indians game. We spent the game not so much in our seats as on the patio. . .until Jesse went to the bathroom and some random sat down next to me, asked if he could sit down (after he was already sitting), and proceeded to tell me how he lost his friends and was lonely. I then proceeded to bounce.

And that, kids, is what’s been going on in Indiana. Super exciting stuff, I know. But not quite as exciting as what’s been going on in Wisconsin. I mean, I assume it’s exciting because why else would you need this sign in the parking lot of a liquor store?



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