Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana

No Phone Tuesday

Welcome to America. Where we’re all overly dependent on our phones. Don’t believe me? Try this:

Leave your phone at home. Don’t tell your spouse. At the end of the day, ask them via GChat what time you should pick them up. Don’t respond to their answer and don’t sign out of GChat. Proceed to sit in the parking lot for an hour while your spouse calls you every 2 minutes and runs the emotional gamut from hella annoyed you’re not responding in any way, shape, or form to convinced you’re dead on the road after your co-worker confirms you are no longer in the building.

(Bonus points for leaving the radio on the whole hour you’re sitting in the parking lot so your car won’t start when your spouse finally thinks to see if you’re sitting in the parking lot.)

Still don’t believe we’re all overly attached to our phones? Then I can only assume you cheated and got someone at the station to let you in or have a spouse who’s smart enough to check the parking lot before full blown panic sets in. In either case, congratulations on being smarter than us.

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