Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana

Eating Deep Fried Twinkies at the Fair (at the Fair)

In a quest to continue our Hoosierfication, we found ourselves at the one and only Indiana State Fair. (Yes, I realize this happened forever ago, but I’ve been busy fighting a losing battle against a touch of the death. Or a sinus infection. Same thing really.) And by “found ourselves at the fair”, I mean “ate our way through the fair”.


Grilled cheese, an (almost) entire ear of corn dipped in butter, Amish donut holes, and tacos all the way from Oklahoma City (it is the Indiana State Fair, after all) were all consumed with little to no shame. What did bring shame, however, was knowing we passed on the deep fried Twinkies and Oreos. But as the northsiders say, there’s always next year.

Also of note, I was almost run over by a cow. The cow handlers give exactly zero warning they’re coming through so paying attention in the cow barn is strongly advised. You can also avoid cow poop splatter that way.

Further word to the word: parking at the fair is $5 so don’t pay $10 to park in someone’s yard. (Finally a lesson we didn’t learn the hard way!) And if you can, use the bathrooms in the Coliseum. You’re welcome.

In other news, our house is growing nicely. We missed our chance to hang out on the foundation in camping chairs, but I’ll gladly take the progress of a roof and doors. We have our pre-drywall meeting Monday which should give us a better idea on when it’ll go from squatter’s paradise to real house.



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