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Goals, Yo

The story is I never really had a first step so much as a first trot across the living room. Which can only mean I’ve always been the type to set my goal, accomplish it in a shroud of secrecy, and then proclaim to the world what just went down. This is an amazing strategy for avoiding having to admit you failed hard at something. It’s not, however, an amazing strategy for actually getting shizz done.

As it turns out, keeping your goals wrapped up in silence leads to putting them off and putting them off and putting them off some more. It’s a procrastinator’s dream really. And it took my first performance evaluation for me to realize this.

There was a spot to list goals for the next 6 months, and I realized my main goal for the next 6 months is the same as my main goal for the last 6 months. Given my track record, this could continue until the end of days. Except now this goal is out in the universe. It’s been read by the boss. It’s been discussed with the boss. And a month and a half later, it’s still nowhere near accomplished. So obviously it’s time to add another lofty goal to the mix: at least one blog post a week for the month of October.

I’m 99% certain I will fail miserably at this, but I’m putting it out into the world anyway. Because if there’s one thing I enjoy, it’s blowing my own mind.

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