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Pretend Friday

Hey, kids, hey. Apologies on being MIA the last few weeks. I know we’ve all been really torn up about it. Life’s been pretty terrible the last week and a … Continue reading

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Deadline is today.

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Help Me (Help You?)

We’ve been going through some things over here in the last yearish, so it shouldn’t be overly surprising that while I was randomly browsing Barnes and Noble, I picked up … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Comes First

Every year I stand atop my soapbox and yell at you that you’re ruining America by skipping over Thanksgiving in the race from Halloween to Christmas. And since tradition is … Continue reading

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Sunday, Suckas

I know you’re thinking I missed my goal of a post a week in October what with it being November 2nd and all, but children, you are mistaken. For what … Continue reading

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