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Thanksgiving Comes First

Every year I stand atop my soapbox and yell at you that you’re ruining America by skipping over Thanksgiving in the race from Halloween to Christmas. And since tradition is tradition. . .


Calm down, Starbucks. It was only November 4th.

Calm down, Starbucks. It was only November 4th.

JC Penney, in an attempt to save itself from continuing to die its slow death, is opening its doors at 5 in the pm on Thanksgiving. A few other stores are opening at 6 in the pm. And since we’re still 3 weeks out, I’m sure that list will do nothing but grow. Which makes this year officially out of control.

You know what’s happening at 5 and 6 in the pm on Thanksgiving? Families are sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, I realize a fair amount of people go for the middle of the day Thanksgiving dinner, but a fair amount of people also keep it at the end of the day. So when these stores open their doors that early, they’re pulling employees away from their Thanksgiving dinner. And when you’re walking through those doors that early, you’re part of the problem.

I saw an article talking about how the majority of Black Friday deals aren’t even that great of a deal. But even putting that aside, what are you in such a rush to buy? Buyer’s remorse? I mean, are you actually buying thoughtful Christmas gifts or are you so caught up in saving an extra 10% that you’re stockpiling wool socks for your pet ferret?

I don’t typically hit serious topics over here because that’s no fun, but this one seriously irritates me. Thanksgiving is one of the few non-religious holidays we have which means it’s one everyone should be able to celebrate. But because retailers are a 50/50 mix of panic and greed and people are idiots, so many people aren’t able to celebrate Thanksgiving with their family and friends; instead, they’re celebrating with crazed shoppers who would cut their own grandmother if it meant they could be first in line for a free pack of gum with a $1000 purchase.

Just do me a favor: before you decide to head out shopping on Thanksgiving, take 2 minutes and think about how you’d feel if you were the one who had to spend Thanksgiving at work, trading real food and time with your family and friends for a Lean Cuisine and breaking up fights over who gets the last camping chair. And if it still sounds like a solid idea, it’s entirely possible you just need a drink. Liquor’s in the cabinet.

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