Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana


And so another year has come and gone (this statement is true every second of every day – philosophy for the win), and I spent the last month of it attempting to hit at least 8,000 steps each and every day. It involved a lot of laps around my dining room/kitchen/living room, a lot of Jesse saying, “I wish you would sit down; you’re making me nervous”, a lot of laps through the second floor every time I went to the bathroom at work (the station’s on the third floor), and a lot of yelling at Jesse to park as far out as possible because, “I NEED STEPS,” but mission accomplished. (Some days just barely, but 8,001 steps is still over 8,000).

Big Boy

Making friends like this is exactly why I need 8,000 steps a day.

So now we move on to December. I debated setting a less sugar/dessert related goal, but then I remembered it’s December and I’m a weak little man (plus starting the 12th, you can order Girl Scout cookies online and that’s enough to break even He Man). What I should be focused on is going to the DMV since we’re well into year 2 here, and Stella’s still rockin’ the Missouri plates that expire at the end of the month, but that sounded like a plan filled with misery and despair so instead we’re looking at a 60 second plank a day. Because that doesn’t sound miserable at all.

In the interest of honesty, this is going to look at lot more like 10 second plank, 5 second down dog, 5 second plank, 20 second down dog, etc. for now, but I’m holding out blind hope for the full 60 seconds by the end of the month. I’ve already missed one day (Monday was a December sneak attack) and been yelled at that I’m doing it wrong by Jesse as he did nothing but sit on the couch, so we’re off to a solid start.

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