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This plank a day plan has been a disaster. We’re only 12 days in, and I’ve straight up forgotten about it 2 days and missed Wednesday because we were busy hanging out at a billionaire’s house becoming code masters which was followed by dinner at The Local, and planking after ingesting your weight in mac and cheese and half a burger is not doctor recommended (how’s that for an excessively long sentence?). But instead of focusing on things I’m terrible at, let’s focus on things I’m mind blowingly awesome at. Like coding.

I can't figure out what size stockings you get for that.

I can’t figure out what size stockings you get for that beast of a fireplace.

Jesse went to this thing called Hour of Code on Monday and proceeded to send me this text after 20 seconds of being there.

textThis information combined with the statement, “This guy’s house is like Hogwarts,” was all it took. So Wednesday after I got out of work, we headed to the home of the guy who created voicemail and other things people don’t ignore, slid down an indoor slide because stairs are for peasants, got a VIP tour of the theater (complete with a legit Marshall minifridge that goes to 11), and I then proceeded to excel at coding.*

The T Rex skull is the hottest home decor trend for 2015.

The T Rex skull is the hottest home decor trend for 2015.

It was embarrassing actually. Not because I was so good at coding, but because we were the only ones there without kids, and all the kids were on level 18 while I was still on level 5. But I was better than Jesse (who, if you’ll remember, had already been through the program) and that’s really all that matters. I mean, it’s not like I’m going to yell, “IN YO’ FACE!” to some random child. A child I know, maybe, but not a random street child. I’m not a complete monster.

*This coding mostly consisted of stacking blocks to play Angry Birds. There was zero html/code words involved so while you should be impressed, you shouldn’t be that impressed.

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