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Christmas Spirit

Once upon a time, Sirius and XM Radio were 2 separate entities. This was the golden era of satellite radio (shut up) for these were the days of Special Xmas, home of the forgotten Christmas songs. You never knew what you’d stumble upon as you turned to space for that festive feeling. Would it be time to jig it out with Dominick the Donkey? Would you hit the jackpot and turn it on just in time for Santa Lost A Ho? The anticipation rivaled that of a 5 year old on Christmas Eve.
But, as all good things do, Special X came to an end, leaving us with nothing but traditional Christmas radio stations and a void in our hearts. . .until we remembered the internet. Oh, the glory of YouTube! Keeping us on the nice list by saving us from punching plastic Santa if we hear another round of Jingle Bell Rock.

And now, because I like you (and because my voice could use a break), I’ve compiled the greatest of the forgotten Christmas carols and leave them for you here.
Merry Christmas, children. Merry Christmas.

Dominick the Donkey

Santa Lost a Ho

Santa and His Old Lady

Nasty the Snowman

Mr. Mojo’s Christmas

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