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Back Home Again in Indiana


Happy New Year, children!!! Did everyone have a lovely celebration? Did you drink awesome shooters and make poor choices? Did you set life changing resolutions that will never see the light of day? I hope so because it’s not a new year until all that goes down in the same night.

As usual, I took none of my own advice. But my New Year’s Eve did involve wine, E.T., and The Wobble so not all was lost. As for those resolutions, it’s not really a secret I think they’re a load of crap. So instead of some absurd proclamation like I’m giving up carbs this year (although my disdain for Taco Bell leads me to believe I could pull it off), I’m sticking with monthly goals.

We spent NYE in Greenville, and this is the only picture I have. It's a public bathroom stall. They're nicer in the south.

We spent NYE in Greenville, and of course the only picture I have is from a public bathroom stall. They’re nicer in the south.

I’ll be straight up honest – December was a dumpster fire as far as goal achievement goes. My :60 plank a day lasted all of 8 (I think) days before it was as forgotten as those Christmas decorations I bought on clearance at Pier 1 a few years ago. Part of me feels like I should reattempt it this month, but a bigger part of me feels like I should tackle my inner Buddy the Elf.

I could sit here and tell you I mostly kept dessert under control over the last month, but considering Jesse and I plowed through an entire pan of Choco Nut Dream Bars in a week, I’m thinking it’s a real possibility sugar has become my main food group. Thus January’s goal is less sugar – specifically chocolate. Twice a week and that’s it. And considering Santa stuffed my stocking with nothing but chocolate, this should be as easy as herding child cats. Wish me luck.

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