Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana

But Will There Be Time???

Last Saturday was a day of mixed emotions. The forecast claimed it was going to be sunny and 42. . .in January! We had big plans of taking a walk because when is it ever nice enough in January to take a walk without regretting you’re taking a walk in January? But then it was sunny for a whole 5 minutes in the morning and cloudy and cold the rest of the day. So in the interest of not bringing hypothermia into our lives, we channeled our inner Will Ferrell and went to Bed Bath & Beyond for a new coffee maker, a drawer organizer, and a paper towel holder that goes under the cabinet. And if that makes us sound like boring, stereotypical suburban married people, I don’t care. Because here’s the thing: sometimes I like being boring, stereotypical suburban married people. We’re actually really good at it.

Yes, sometimes we go do super fun things like sit at the top of Bankers Life Fieldhouse for a concert or Pacers game or go to the zoo to see the koalas (this actually hasn’t happened yet – I’m just really excited for koalas at the zoo this summer), but sometimes we do other super fun things like spend Saturday night watching Netflix in pajamas or play homemade happy hour with Sequence, cocktails, and cheeseball. And I love every second of it.

A lot of people want to fight the fact that they’re now full grown adults and continue to live like overgrown frat boys. Maybe it’s the introvert in me or the fact that I’m 80 on the inside, but that sounds like a terrible life choice. Seriously terrible. Being a “grown up” is 100% my jam. I don’t have to hang out with people if I don’t want to, I get to eat ice cream for dinner if I want to, and I get to judge a successful weekend on whether or not the paper towels are now living off the counter. And that, kids, is what we call a good day.

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