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Take It All

What a rollercoaster of a week – the party started Tuesday with Mardi Gras and ended 24 hours later with Ash Wednesday. Per usual, I celebrated by not celebrating. I did, however, start thinking about the whole giving things up for Lent thing. And the conclusion I reached after a whole 2 minutes of thoughts is: what if, instead of giving things up for Lent, we took things for Lent?

Like a nap for example. Nothing major – just 2, maybe 3 hours after lunch Monday through Friday. And if your boss gets mad about it, you can play the freedom of religion card. Problem solved.

Now I realize not everyone’s down with the nap due to nap mouth which is why I’m also thinking you could spend Lent taking the boozeahol. Boozahol’s always at the top of the list of things people are giving up for Lent (until St. Patrick’s Day anyway), so why not be man enough to take what the people are giving? Which reminds me. . .

You could take over someone’s Facebook for Lent. I guarantee you know at least 5 people who have given up Facebook because it’s 2015 and we know no greater struggle than a world without Facebook which means you could really do the people a solid and volunteer to run it for them until Easter. Just remember: there’s a lot of power in them not being able to see what you’re posting. Use it wisely.

The only thing better than taking advantage of Facebook privileges? Taking a vacation! Think about it: you could go somewhere nice and warm. . .which at this point would be anywhere consistently in the double digits. Indiana winters are the best.

Of course, you could always take something like responsibility for Lent, but that doesn’t sound like very much fun. And if there’s one thing Lent’s all about, it’s fun.

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