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Back Home Again in Indiana

Surprise Tiny Human

Fun fact: early pregnancy symptoms are 99% the same as PMS symptoms. That means your big week of a hair cut on Tuesday and new glasses on Wednesday can easily take a turn for the life changing week of a hair cut on Tuesday, new glasses on Wednesday, and peeing on a stick Thursday.

I’d been a little suspicious something was amiss for about a week, but didn’t say anything to Jesse because a) I like to keep him in the dark as often as possible and b) it wasn’t any of his business. Just kidding. Really I didn’t want him getting his hopes up even though, oddly enough, I had mine up by this point (anyone who knows me realizes the absurdity of this statement since I’ve never attempted to hide the fact that the prospect of growing and popping out a tiny human sounds all sorts of terrible). We weren’t actively trying to make this happen, but we’d discussed it enough that I knew he’d have his hopes sky high, and I didn’t want to be the one to bring him crashing back down.

So instead, I left early for lunch Thursday, March 12th, stopped at CVS for a pregnancy test, and went home to pee on a stick. Since the box said it would take 3 minutes, I brought my phone in with me to time it (I didn’t want to have to leave the bathroom in case Jesse got home from work early). Guess what was entirely unnecessary. I’m sure it does take 3 minutes for some people, but mine took more like 3 seconds. And when that second line showed up, it was the closest thing to an out of body experience I’ve ever had. At this point, I could have sat there in disbelief for a solid hour, but I also knew Jesse would be home any minute, and I had a better plan of telling him than stumbling out of the bathroom in a daze.

Ladies, if you’d like to confuse and then completely shock your baby daddy, come home from work acting like everything’s 100% normal, hand him a Target bag with a bib that says “Speed Eater Like Daddy”, and offer no explanation other than, “I got you a present.” You can literally see the wheels turning and the moment it hits.

So now here we are, just over a month into knowing with just under 7 months to go and none of it seeming real. What is real, however, is the constant queasiness, disdain for water, and need for a nap. I wonder what could be causing all that. . . .


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