Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana

Aaaaaaaaand Panic

And just like that, we hit 36 weeks (9 months in real people time). 36 weeks is both exhilarating and terrifying. Exhilarating because there’s serious light at the end of the knocked up tunnel, and terrifying because there’s serious light at the end of the knocked up tunnel. I’m both 100% ready to get this kid out and 100% not ready to get this kid out. Basically I’m a glass case of emotion. It’s a real party for Jesse.


36 weeks

At the ultrasound last week, we learned this kid’s (still?) measuring a week and a half ahead and has “a good size head”. So good size the ultrasound tech measured it twice just to make sure which is what every pregnant woman hopes to see happen. I’m now hoping this kid’s early. But not Halloween early. I married a major holiday baby (who was not a baby at the time because that would be weird and probably illegal), and I don’t want my kid having memories of being “neglected” on his birthday. He should get his own day mannit! Of course this means I’m totally having a Halloween baby.

We started childbirth class at the hospital last Monday. The first class was fine; the class this week was a little terrifying. She had us watch some labor videos and a delivery video, and I am 100% not interested in any of that. I’m also not interested in a C section so here’s hoping this kid’s working on a plan C. I told him he needs to figure it out, but I haven’t heard anything so far (he was equally helpful when I asked him to name himself).

I thought breastfeeding class would be helpful, but it was the most overwhelming 2 hours of my life. I knew breastfeeding isn’t this walk in the park people like to say it is, but I didn’t realize just how intense it is. Like I will be doing nothing else with my life for months on end intense. It’s almost enough to make me want to quit before I start.

Miracles happened last weekend: the dresser and crib arrived, Jesse built the crib like a real man, and we got floating shelves up. We also ordered the car seat and stroller which showed up yesterday and made me feel better about life. I’m so convinced this kid’s going to be early I’m in a slight panic about having nothing ready. Jesse keeps telling me to calm down because we have time and all the things we absolutely need, but this is no time to be rational so he ends up sedating me with pumpkin ice cream. It’s not the worst thing in the world.

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