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Back Home Again in Indiana

3 Months

(I’ve had this post ready to roll for about a week now but never hit publish because Boogs decided bringing the plague home was a better idea. So pretend this is a week ago.)


This kid is now a quarter of a year old. If his age was money, he could get a gumball. But it’s not and he doesn’t have teeth so no bacteria ridden candy for him. That’s right – he’s only 3 months old, and I’m already saying no to the gumball machine. I am, however, continuing to say yes to him flipping the bird on the regular so it balances out.

3 months

Speaking of which. . .I’m convinced he knows exactly what he’s doing when he flips me off. He made eye contact, flipped a double bird, and then smiled like it was the most hilarious thing ever. He’s also done it and smirked afterward. Unlike Clark Griswold, this kid knows exactly what he does. This belief makes his “I’m going to murder you” face more than a little unnerving.


In other news, last week was a rough week. Boogs started a) busting out of most of his 3 month clothes and b) daycare. You know what Mommy can’t handle? All of that happening in a 3 day span. I still hate leaving him at daycare, but I’m not crying over it anymore and he seems to be okay with it (if not really napping and freaking out when his diaper’s changed constitute okay with it) so I’m slowly making my peace with it. He also pretty much only poops at daycare now so that helps.


What I’m not a fan of is the daycare cold. His little cough and fever are the saddest things in the history of sad things. He’s still pretty happy and smiley, though (unless I’m coming at him with the snot sucker) so I’m not complaining too much. We also confirmed that the sick man antics are genetic – every time he eats, it’s followed by the baby moan. It’s both incredibly sad and hilarious.


3 months is also when you start gnawing vigorously on your hands and rubbing your eyes when you’re tired. The latter is the most adorable thing ever and the former makes me hopeful he’ll start sucking his thumb soon so we can put an end to the pacifier. I don’t really care that he’s using a pacifier, but I’m over pacifier duty in the middle of the night. It probably wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t fall out every 30 seconds and I didn’t have to stand there for 20 minutes while he falls back asleep. And yes, I realize this is just enabling him, but at 2 in the morning, you do what you have to do.

tummy time

The most exciting part of 3 months is the sleeping. This kid is slowly turning into a champion sleeper, and I love every second of it. He still gets up once in the middle of the night, but he immediately goes back to sleep and his wakeup time is getting later. Occasionally I can even get him to go back to sleep without a bottle first. I’m hopeful the end of this middle of the night shemoligan is in sight. Partially because I’m rapidly losing the knowledge of what it’s like to sleep through the night and partially because then I could ingest real food instead of straight coffee. Things could get crazy over here, kids.

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