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I Can’t Even Fund


Every day, millions of moms across America just can’t even. The newborn who won’t stop crying. The toddler who will eat only dry toast. . .no, buttered toast. . .no, dry toast. The third grader who doesn’t know what she learned in school today. The teenager who doesn’t even know how his damn day was. It’s all too much. She’s only one man.

But now you can help these women with a donation to the I Can’t Even Fund. For just 25 cents a day, you can get a mom who just can’t even the Starbucks latte of her choice. And for an extra 50 cents a day, you can add a glass of wine to the end of her exhausting day.

These are women just like you, but weaker. These are women with broken spirits. Women who need our help. Please. Just 25 cents a day to the I Can’t Even Fund can help a mom find the strength she needs to even. And an extra 50 cents a day can help her find the strength to not care that she can’t even.

No mom should have to face this battle alone. And with your help, no mom will. Donate to the I Can’t Even Fund today at or call 1-800-O-HELL-NO. These women are counting on you to give them strength.

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