Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana

5 Months

5 months is a very big deal. Because 5 months is when you get your first birthday brunch. You don’t get to actually eat the bacon, but you do get to eat your bottle while watching other people eat the bacon which is what we call an unfair trade.


5 months is also when you start rolling over like it’s no big deal (front to back only; back to front you remain thisclose on) and start getting mad your attempts to crawl aren’t going as planned.


5 months also involves the beginning of busting out of your 6 month clothes (what), teething (no bueno), and getting super gassy from rice cereal (also no bueno).


5 months is smiles and giggles for days, and the realization that Mom’s cool and all, but Daddy is the best one.


And let’s not forget 5 months is when you make your mother seriously question your intelligence as you continue to gag yourself by cramming things in your mouth and add blankly staring with your mouth wide open to the mix. Believing yourself to be a monkey is not helping your cause. But it is pretty damn cute.


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