Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana

6 Months

6 months, as it turns out, is when you’re expected to man up and act like the adult baby you are.


Because 6 months is when your parents are brave/stupid enough to take you on a legit vacation.


And, just to prove their commitment to said bravery/stupidity, they’ll throw a wedding in there, too.


6 months is also when you graduate to a king size bed. . .


a grown up water bottle. . .


and shame over pictures with your mom on Mother’s Day.


6 months is when you decide a career in radio is probably the right choice. . .


and sleeping sideways is definitely the right choice.


And 6 months is when you wake up crying at 4 in the am because you finally mastered rolling onto your tummy and you need Mommy and Daddy to know what an adult baby you really are.



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