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Thursday Things

Life has been an exhaustion roller coaster lately. I’m good for 2 days, so. tired. for 3, good for 3, must. nap. now. for 2. It’s for sure related to how well Boogs sleeps and I’m guessing a little to hormones resettling since a little of the blahs/sads tends to go with the exhausted days. Maybe I shouldn’t have quit the happy pills so soon? Who knows. All I know is on the not so tired days, I’m running around like a crazy person trying to do all the things since who knows how much energy I’ll have the next day. (I’m aware that’s probably not helping the situation at all.) Basically I’m living in the I’m So Tired edition of Catch 22 and would pay upwards of $145 to have a solid night’s sleep for a week straight. All that to say I’m tired and putting a cohesive blog post together sounds like a lot of work, but I told myself I’d blog every other week so random thoughts it is. Thanks for stopping in, people with standards.


I went back to yoga last week for the first time since my last prenatal class on Halloween, and it was everything my sad little body had been missing. When I got home, I told Jesse I was going to start going every week again. . .and then promptly skipped this week so we could go to lunch instead. Scotch eggs > downward dog

I put this on Facebook, but I’d like to document it properly: last week I was feeding Boogs his bedtime bottle (Jesse normally does this while I load the dishwasher but for some reason we switched that night) when he let out 2 giant sharts. As soon as it happened, I knew it was a blowout. . .and I was not wrong: there was poop on him, on me, and on the boppy. I gave Jesse Boogs to clean up because I was covered in poop (there was actually only a little bit on my shirt and pants but I’m entitled to dramatics here), and as I was changing, I heard, “Oh God I touched it!” To which I replied, “I’M WEARING IT.” Parenthood is kind of the worst.

Speaking of Boogs, I had my first instance of wanting to physically fight a baby on Monday. I sat him down on the mat at school when I dropped him off and gave him a book since homeboy loves to eat books (not a typo). I had barely stood up when one of the other babies had crawled over and yanked the book out of his hands. Poor Boogs was just looking at me like “the hell?” I gave him another book, and the jerk baby did it again! The only thing that made me feel better was when the teacher told me that kid’s kind of the worst and she’ll be glad when he starts walking and moves up to the next room.

Have you heard Katy Perry’s new song? It’s her “Olympic anthem”, and it’s terrible. Here’s how I imagine the conversation went:
NBC: Hey, girl, hey. We need a song for the Olympics. You in?
Katy: Sure. How much time do I have?
NBC: 5 minutes.
Katy: 5 minutes?
NBC: 5 minutes.
Katy: Okaaaaaaayyyyy. . .but it’s gonna be garbage.
NBC: Whatever. Obscene amounts of people are voting for Trump; selling them on garbage clearly isn’t that hard.

And that’s enough internet for today.

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