Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana

You’re Welcome Wednesday

Welcome to Wednesdays, where I change your life. Just kidding. About the Wednesdays plural part; we all know I can’t commit to that type of thing. I’m dead serious about the changing your life part, though.


The only time this child has ever been enthusiastic about solid food.

Have you heard of Bolthouse dressing? If I could stick a straw in this with no judgment, I would. And actually, there should be no judgment for that activity because it’s made with Greek yogurt so it’s straight up health food, yo. So far I’ve tried the classic Ranch and the balsamic vinaigrette. The Ranch I could eat all day every day; the balsamic is oddly spicy to me (please keep in mind I find Taco Bell a little too spicy) but still good.

If you are lazy and too cheap to buy the formula equivalent of a Keurig, we have much in common. Also, this pitcher shall be your jam. I like it because a) I can make multiple bottles at once, and b) I can make uneven ounce bottles without having to make one more, one less, and then evening them out (or saying “yeah that looks like half a scoop of powder”).

While we’re talking formula, this travel formula container is everything. . .if you ever want to leave your house with your child. You just put the amount of powder you need in each compartment and dump it into the bottle of water. My dad’s seen me do it a couple times and maintains it’s a pain and I’d be better off with premade bottles, but he’s wrong. It’s not that big of a deal to shake it a couple times to get all the powder out (and it’s definitely cheaper than the premade bottles). And – bonus! – when you’re past the formula stage (that does eventually happen, right?), you can use it for snacks.

This thing is the new love of my life (you can tell Jesse – he already knows). I try to get as much done during my lunch break as I can because baby, and this sucker helps me keep it all straight – what day I’m running to Target, what day I’m running home to vacuum, what day I’m going to the doctor to get obscene amounts of wax cleaned out of my ears. . .this thing is filled with nothing but pure excitement.

A friend recommended I read The Sh!t No One Tells You when we were both on maternity leave 12 years ago. I just finished it this past weekend, and I’ve never been madder at myself. All the other baby books I read are garbage. This book really is the sh!t no one tells you; it’s also the sh!t you need to know. Seriously. If you’re knocked up, save yourself some time – read this and call it a day.

Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats is slowly turning me into a hipster. Jesse has me listening to the AAA station here (don’t tell the boss), and every time this song comes on, it goes to 11.

That’s probably enough life changing for one day. Unless you were about to drop a million dollars in my lap. Then we definitely have time for one more.

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