Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana

10 Months

By 10 months, most people have accomplished a few things – found a job, bought a house, maybe run a marathon or 2. But not this kid. This kid has done nothing with his life. Honestly, I’m not even sure why we keep him around at this point. Oh right – the cuteness.


Month 9 was much like months 0-8 in that it was spent not crawling and getting mad about it. (I say that, but there’s also a 100% chance he’s secretly crawling. There have been several times at school where they put him down in one spot and when they turn around, he’s somewhere else. I’ve also seen him look like he’s about to take off, see me, and sit right back up. It’s a real possibility he’s inherited my gift of perfecting a skill before showing it to the world.)


Month 9 was also much like months 6-8 in that there was many a solid food refused. Occasionally he’ll go nuts for carrots and lately Cheerios go straight to his mouth for him to gag on, but other than that, he is not on board the solid train. We had a false alarm a few weeks ago when I picked him up from school and his teacher told me he swiped some pears from one of the other kids at snack time and actually ate them. She thought I was going to be mad, but I told her if you can get him to eat solids, knock yourself out. The next couple days she kept telling me he was doing great with the solids so I foolishly thought the real problem with the solids was we were spoon feeding him rather than letting him feed himself. So that weekend I made him a scrambled egg and sweet potato only for him to pick up the pieces and give them a look of disdain before throwing them back on the tray. He at least had the decency to pretend to eat the sweet potato.


The loves of his life are the remote, Daddy’s iPhone, Daddy himself, the color green (he’ll go straight for the green ball in his ball pit and the green ring in the stack), standing, sliding off the couch to stand, eating diapers during diaper changes (you don’t know my life), being startled, throwing things (anything will do but the pacifier remains a favorite), fighting naps so hard he occasionally passes out face down on the mat at school, books, and baths (especially the rubber duck – if you try to take that duck away from him after the bath, it’s game over).


At 10 months old, this kid’s on Miralax because he’s actually Benjamin Button, his hair’s mostly laying flat which makes Mommy sad, and his first tooth is popping through which makes Boogsie sad.


But at 10 months old, this kid is mostly smiles, laughs, and totally normal behavior like the tummy struggle cry at 2 in the morning only to be discovered sitting up in his crib and giving me the man chuckle when I walk in to flip him over. Babies are weird.


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