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11 Months

11 months is full of surprises. Like not being cry yourself to sleep sad your baby’s only 4 weeks away from being one whole year old. I’m still trying to figure this one out, but it might be related to reminiscing about how little sleep we were getting in the dark days. It also helps that he gets more fun every month. Not that he wasn’t fun in the dark days, but it’s a lot more fun to watch his little face light up when the Fisher Price app starts singing the ABCs than it was to watch his little face scream all night because he was gassy/colicy/bored. I’m doing a hell of a job selling newborns, aren’t I?


The biggest surprises of the last month came from a) army crawling and b) EATING SOLID FOODS!!!!!!!!! I’m pretty sure the 2 are related because once he started army crawling, he started eating solids. Apparently he just needed to move his lazy butt to make himself hungry (we’re pretty sure there was a bit of a growth spurt in there, too). He will mow down some Cheerios, takes oatmeal and carrots like a champ, and ate cheese crackers at school. Like put them in his mouth and did more than let them dissolve into cheese cracker drool. Will wonders never cease. (Of course, now that I put this out in the universe he will immediately revert back to bottles and only bottles.)


The army crawling is hilarious. I don’t know why, but it cracks me up to see him squirming his way around the house. He always looks quite pleased with himself when he reaches his destination. . .and then immediately puts whatever is within reach into his mouth (super great when it’s random kitchen crumbs or dead flies in the sliding door track).


He’s all about turning the pages of his book when you read to him, thinks it’s hilarious when you tell him no, and has (sort of) started saying “Hi” and waving which is pretty much the cutest thing ever.


In manly developments, he’ll point at something with his fist and grunt at it to let you know he wants it. This mostly applies to things he can’t have – like magnets and the leaves on the entertainment center – which then leads to his new displeased squeal. It’s like a pig going to slaughter right in your ear. I highly recommend it.


11 months is also a big deal because it’s when you start your first gang with Dad. They’re known as the Westside Crazy Boys, and they started when Jesse was showing Boogsers how to do a “CB” with his hands and Boogs straight up threw a Westside at him. Dad also helped him to stand on his own (while holding onto a piece of furniture) so don’t worry, Mom –  it wasn’t a solid month of Things We Learned on Cops.


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