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You’re Welcome Wednesday

Welcome to Wednesdays, where I change your life. Just kidding. About the Wednesdays plural part; we all know I can’t commit to that type of thing (although this is round 2 so self high five). I’m dead serious about the changing your life part, though.

First things first, play this song and play it now. I could not be more stoked this is the new single from Adele. It’s been my favorite since I first heard it on 25 last year. . .which is 100% the kiss of death as far as radio success is concerned. Just look at what happened to Macklemore’s Downtown.

Second first thing, we had Boogser’s 12 month photos done on his actual birthday because sometimes life works out. This child could not have been more uncooperative (he smiled every time she put the camera down and pulled out serious face every time it was up), but she still managed to get some solid shots. Kristi Powell is the bomb dot com. (She has no idea I have a sometimes blog; I just seriously think she’s the bomb dot com.)


This article on mixed messages for moms spoke to my soul.

When we were in South Carolina over Labor Day (I may have started this post back in September. . . .), we picked up Panera to take over to Jesse’s grandma’s house for lunch. I skipped my usual broccoli cheddar soup (I knew I’d be making questionable decisions when we went out for our anniversary later that night) and went with the Green Goddess Cobb Salad. If a salad can change your life, it’s this one. Trust me.


I’ve been saying this for years. Maybe since someone smarter than me (Seth Godin) is saying it, people will listen.

Boogs has spent the majority of his life in the 90 somethingth percentile for head size (his last appointment had him at 76th). The pediatrician told me it’s because he has a big brain. I think he was kidding, but this study actually backs him up. My child shall be a genius.


Do I really need to preheat the oven? Short answer: maybe. It totally validated my strategy for roasting veggies and heating up tots so this is gospel as far as I’m concerned.

The Nightingale had been on my reading list foreverrrrrr, and I finally finished it. It’s one of those books that will haunt me for the rest of my life. I’ve read a lot of books set during WWII, but none of them were as intense as this one. Read it, but maybe not right before you go to bed.


I love me some Dunkin’, but when Titus Bakery opened 5 minutes max from our house, we had to try it right away. And by right away, I mean several weeks later. Worth the wait. Jesse and I both had the peanut butter donut because we do everything together and agreed it was the best donut in the history of donuts. Since then I’ve taken down the custard and the pumpkin which are also the best donuts in the history of donuts.

We (finally) got Boogs out of the pumpkin seat and into a convertible car seat. I took a very scientific poll on Facebook, ignored everyone, and went with the Graco 4ever. (How could I not when it could literally be the last car seat I ever buy?) Boogs doesn’t seem to hate it so I’m declaring it a success.


And, finally, true to my basic white girl roots, I’ve made these flourless chocolate chip pumpkin bars (I use peanut butter instead of almond butter) enough times that I went through an entire giant can of pumpkin. The first batch I missed the fact that pumpkin pie spice is supposed to go in them, but they were obviously still good enough for me to make again so that should tell you everything you need to know. Bonus: there’s only 1 tablespoon of sugar so it’s basically health food.

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