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Like most of America, I’ve declared New Year, New Man. Unlike most of America, I mean it; my surgery’s scheduled for next week. Jesse’s very excited.

For real though, I have some goals (I don’t know why I prefer the word goals over resolutions, but I do and it’s my blog so I make the rules) set for the year. I spent a whole 5 minutes putting this list together so you should absolutely hold me to it.


Hats are hilarious. . .as long as they come off 2 seconds later.

No one asked for this, but I want to blog more consistently. I’m a freak show who actually enjoys writing (and oversharing) so I’d really like to churn out more crap for my mom to read. I’m aiming for once a week. Wish me luck.

I would also really like to dig my flute out of hiding. I haven’t played since we moved to Indy, and being the band nerd to the core that I am, I miss it. I looked for a community band, and the closest one’s in Noblesville which would be lovely except rehearsal is Sunday from 3-5 and ain’t nobody got time for that so it looks like I’ll have to be super disciplined to make this one happen. Ha. Ha. Hahahahahaha.

LESS SUGAR. This is my non-negotiable goal for the year. I started to let it get out of control while I was knocked up (it was my only vice) and really let it slide after Boogs was born, but that kid’s over a year old now so there’s no reason I should be eating as much crap as I am. Jesse’s on board with this one, too, so that should help make it become real life.


We like the train set at the library.



On a related note, if I could make 3 workouts a week happen, that would be supafly. I think part of my problem with last year (besides being so damn tired) was I thought I would jump right back into working out 5 days a week and when Friday rolled around and I’d only worked out twice, I’d think “I already blew it so why bother?”. I’d eventually like to get back to 5 days, but I think starting with 3 is realistic right now and I’d rather set myself up for success than failure because I’m super good at self high fives and don’t want to deny myself that joy.

Slightly less ambitious is a goal to read for at least 15 minutes every day. I realized I waste a lot of time mindlessly scrolling through Instagram or Facebook or playing Candy Crush, and I feel dumber every time I do it. So I’d rather do something more productive with my time like read a book. Maybe even a grown up book, although Pajama Time remains top 10.

I’m also determined to try one new recipe a week. Between the new Skinnytaste cookbook, the old Skinnytaste cookbook, and the 5 million recipes I have pinned, this shouldn’t be that hard.


That one time I drank half a beer.

And finally, I will learn to curl my hair. Technically this one shouldn’t count since, as you can see above, I mostly figured it out last week, but I’m leaving it on the list so at the end of the year, I can congratulate myself on conquering at least one. Self high five.

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