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First things first (I’m the realest): can we all just give me a virtual high five for finally finishing In Sunlight and In Shadow? I started it in October and finished it a week ago. In my defense it’s a) not at all what I would call a light read and b) 705 pages which, as Jesse says, means I pretty much read 5 books, and that’s actually impressive.


Sometimes you have a photo shoot while waiting on dinner. You know how it is.

Whenever Jesse tells me he found a new artist he thinks I’d like I go into it with a healthy dose of skepticism. This isn’t from a lack of trust so much as from a. . .nope. Never mind. It’s exactly from a lack of trust. He thinks it’s hilarious to tell me, “I really think you’re gonna like this,” and then blast some hard rock or metal garbage. So when he came at me with Maren Morris back in September, I rolled my eyes and went on with my life. Then he forced me to listen to 80s Mercedes and my life was never the same. I haven’t been on the country wagon in years now, but this might be enough to pull me back. (Although probably not until Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line are nothing but distant memories.)

Just a little late to the party with this one, but have you guys heard of this new musical called Hamilton? It’s all about how our forefathers started the modern hip-hop era, and it’s pretty spectacular. We watched the 60 Minutes feature (hi, I’m 90) and promptly forgot about it until Jesse randomly pulled the soundtrack up one day a few months ago, and I totally understood what all the hype was about. He got me tickets for Christmas (we don’t get to go until September) so I suspect the soundtrack will be in high rotation between now and then.

We declared a new Christmas tradition this year: family Christmas Eve lunch. (It was supposed to also involve seeing Santa but that part didn’t work out because EVERYONE thought Christmas Eve was a swell time to see Santa.) The inaugural lunch was held at Biaggi’s. I had called to make a reservation not realizing I was reserving the entire restaurant. I’m pretty sure this place is not long for this world (at least not at Clay Terrace) so Imma need you to go ASAP and then keep going once a week to keep it open. If you’d like some menu suggestions, I had the butternut squash ravioli, Jesse had some seafood cannoli thing which gave me entree regret even though I loved the ravioli, and Boogser highly recommends the oyster crackers, fries, and crayons. He also recommends the chicken tenders if you’re looking for something fun to throw on the floor.

Remember when I said I was going to learn to curl my hair this year? I’ve been doing it on a pretty regular basis (read: every day) and since I’ve had a lot of questions on how I do it, this video taught me everything I know.

I’ve seen bullet journaling making the rounds on the online, but I couldn’t figure out what it actually was until I read this article. I’m tempted to give it a whirl; my main hangup is I know myself and what I really need is a bullet journal that’s already created. I don’t want to have to draw the lines and all that myself because I have issues and need it to be perfect from the outset. Help me.

And this is where we realize I’ve saved the best for last: I had Monday off but took Boogser to school anyway so I could do all the things which included tackling the ridiculous pile of paper in the closet. How ridiculous? 13 pounds ridiculous. Actually, more than that. 13 pounds was just what I took to Office Max to have shredded. Have you done this before? I cannot recommend it enough. $12.98 to get 500 years’ worth of crap shredded without any arguments over who destroyed the shredder this time? Worth it.

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