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Monthly Archives: March, 2017

4 Whole Steps

Saturday was a big day. I made pancakes, we went to the zoo, and oh yeah, Boogs walked. He spent a fair amount of time Saturday morning going from sitting … Continue reading

March 30, 2017 · 1 Comment

Back to Life

When Boogs started daycare, I had no idea they threw in the death cold for free. It knocked me out for about a month last year, and I’m going on … Continue reading

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8 Minute Memoir (Billboards)

I forget where I saw the 8 Minute Memoir, but it seemed like a good writing exercise so I figured I’d jump on board. I’m already incredibly behind and have … Continue reading

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Someday I’ll Learn

  . . .not to leave the blueberry compote within lunging reach of tiny hands. Shout out to the waitress who left us extra napkins. . . .that whatever food … Continue reading

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Holla for the Library

The library may be what saves my marriage. Jesse started grad school in January, and it’s a beast of a program. It’s 20 months with each class lasting 8 weeks. … Continue reading

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Thursday Things

I’m tired so today we’re going to talk about nothing. Just think of this as the Seinfeld of blogs. Jesse successfully finished his first grad school research paper this week! … Continue reading

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