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4 Whole Steps

Saturday was a big day. I made pancakes, we went to the zoo, and oh yeah, Boogs walked.


He spent a fair amount of time Saturday morning going from sitting to standing without holding on to anything, and that afternoon he took four steps ON HIS OWN multiple times. Naturally his Sunday encore was acting like this never happened which has carried through to today. I’ll be carrying him into his college dorm, but it’s fine.


We also went to the zoo Saturday. Boogser was pretty into the flamingos, penguins, and walri (which may or may not have been trying to make a baby walrus), and pretty into napping in his stroller after that. We’re officially zoo members now so I imagine we’ll be on a first name basis with all the animals by this time next year.


Speaking of being zoo members, I highly recommend going through the registration process even if you have no intention of actually becoming a member. When you fill out the info for the first adult, it’s all standard title options like Mr., Mrs., and Dr. But when you get to the second adult, all hell breaks loose. It’s a never ending list of things like Deacon, President, and Chancellor. Long story short, Jesse is now First Lady Jesse White, Future Son-in-Law.

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