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A few weeks ago, I went to Creative Mornings, and when it wasn’t terrible, I signed up for the newsletter. In a move no one saw coming, I actually read the newsletter when it showed up in my inbox and stumbled upon #The100DayProject. I don’t know if it’s related to Jesse being in grad school or me just losing my mind, but I was immediately in. I just had to figure out what my project was going to be.

100 day project

My first thought was to do some sort of writing project because duh (and also because I struggle to draw a proportionate stick figure), but then Jesse told me I should push myself outside of my comfort zone for this. I knew as much as I didn’t want him to be, he was right. So instead of writing nonsense for 100 days straight, I’m going to attempt to learn hand lettering which I guess technically is still some sort of writing project.

I did a little interneting and stumbled upon Hand Lettering 101 which seemed like the perfect book for this since it teaches faux calligraphy and I’m all about a good shortcut. It also breaks it down one letter at a time which is good because I’m easily overwhelmed. I spent Tuesday on As and last night on Bs (tonight’s Cs) and was surprised at how not crappy they were. I mean, I still need some serious practice, but it actually looked somewhat like it was supposed to.


I’m 83% sure I won’t actually do this every day for 100 days and 76% sure I won’t finish the project, but we’ll see how far I get.

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