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I Don’t Even Know

I had such a brilliant idea for a blog post yesterday, and now I can’t remember what it was. I actually forgot what it was about 2 minutes after it popped in my head, but I was holding out hope it would return. No such luck. I shouldn’t be surprised since we were supposed to go to my parents’ this weekend which means my mind has been nothing but an endless to do list. It also means I did laundry like a man last night – toss everything in the washer with a color catcher and hope for the best. I realize I’m rambling over here, but I was really hoping just writing something would remind me of my brilliant idea. Obviously that’s not going to happen and I should move on with my life.


I was listening to the How Stuff Works podcast this morning, and the topic was hookworms (aka “dew foot”). It was oddly fascinating. . .right up to the part where I learned HUMAN MANURE WAS A THING. I don’t know why this bothers me so much more than animal manure, but it does. It really really does. I may never eat produce again because what if it’s still happening and I just don’t know about it? I’m seriously giving myself the dry heaves over here.

This story about the guy who wrote “sexual favors” in the memo line on his property tax check is the best thing I’ve seen all month. It reminded me of the time I wrote Jesse a check and put “blood diamonds” in the memo line and the chick at the bank kept giving us the side eye when he cashed it.

I don’t think it’s news that bottled water is terrible for the environment, but this company’s working on an edible water bottle. They say they can make the membrane different flavors and fill it with anything liquid so if we could get a chocolate membrane filled with wine, I will take them all.

Boogser and I take a good 45 minute walk at least once a weekend when the weather’s nice to give Jesse some time to do homework in peace. The last few times he wasn’t exactly what I’d call on board with the playground, but this past weekend he started losing his mind with excitement as soon as he saw it so we stopped to play on the swings with the rest of the neighborhood. I was pushing him in the swing, talking to a couple of other moms, and thinking how nice it is to live in a neighborhood where kids are actually playing outside when I overheard someone mention the pool also has a kids’ pool. I know Boogser’s too young to know what she said, but I know what she said, and I also know how much that kid loves a bath so I can’t not take him to the pool this summer. So now I have to go swimsuit shopping for the first time since the 80s. That lady ruined everything.

And now I should probably stop procrastinating and order groceries since apparently you have to feed children and husbands at least 32 times a day every day. They should really tell you that before you commit.

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