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Is It Real?

The other day Jesse asked me if I ever look at Boogs and have an out of body experience. I was so glad he asked because I knew exactly what he was talking about and it happens all. the. time. I’ll be playing with Boogser or watching him chug milk on the kitchen floor and all of a sudden it hits me that this is my kid. There’s no one coming to pick him up and take him home because this is my kid. I grew him, I popped him out, and he lives here because this is my kid.


You would think with 9 months of him on the inside and 17 months of him on the outside I’d be used to the idea that I have a kid by now, but I really don’t think I am. And maybe that’s what the out of body experience is – the “holy crap, I have a kid when did that happen” realization.

Oddly enough, this didn’t really start until the last 6 months or so which may be because he didn’t seem like a real person there for a while, but now he’s walking, he’s talking, he’s eating real food, and it’s nonstop out of body experiences. I mean seriously – where did this kid waving at the invisible people in my house come from?

Part of me wonders if this feeling stems from waiting “so long” to have a kid. So many of the milestones in my life were kid free (marriage, career, 30th birthday, etc.), and so now the idea that I have a kid (and he pretty much is the milestones) is extra weird. But something tells me younger parents go through this, too.

It’s also possible it hit because one day I woke up and he wasn’t a baby; he was a toddler. Maybe this happens with every stage your kid goes through. You get used to them being whatever stage they are (baby), and when you suddenly realize they’re in the next stage (toddler), you get hit with the out of body experience.

Obviously I’m not a scientist and have no idea what causes these parental out of body experiences. All I know is it would be baller if those experiences could happen when he’s throwing a tantrum over yogurt melts.

2 comments on “Is It Real?

  1. abbeycoseattle
    April 20, 2017

    I have this feeling ALL THE TIME! And I agree, as they get older it gets a little more weird. My daughter is two and recently started talking back to me. The other day I told her it was time to get ready, to which she replied “whats the big idea mom”… I was like okay not only are you speaking human sentences, but you used to live inside me. WEIRD. lol

    • Jenn
      April 21, 2017

      Yay I’m not alone! And seriously – every time I think about him living on the inside, it’s SO WEIRD.

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