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Mother’s Day 2017

I don’t think I documented Mother’s Day last year, but I should have because some day Boogs is going to be 16 and think hanging out with me is the worst thing in the world, and I’m going to need to look back and remember there was once a time when he thought hanging out with me was the best thing in the world. Maybe. He does look at me with murder in his eyes a lot.


We started out a little rough with Boogser being tired and cranky yet refusing to nap. So I tossed him in the stroller, and we made our 45 minute loop of the neighborhood while Jesse worked on his paper that was due at midnight. Boogs passed out in his standard stroller pose for maybe 15 minutes which, as we all know, is just enough time to make him think he’s set for the day. He woke up, had a pancake and milk, we read a page or two out of all the books, and I attempted to put him down for a real nap. He lasted a whole 15 minutes before I gave up and we played while Jesse finished up his paper and got ready for lunch.


Jesse had made a reservation at Rosie’s for 1:00, but since I like their breakfast more than their lunch, we cancelled it and went to Ted’s instead for my beloved salmon salad (we’ve now done this two years in a row which officially makes it tradition). For a child running on fumes, Boogs was incredibly well behaved which I think was related to a) we were sitting outside, b) there were so many people and cars to yell hi to, and c) there was an endless supply of food – he took down some chips, poked his finger through a pickle, and then took down almost all his fries and actually ate a few bites of his chicken tenders (after taking them off the plate and stacking them on the table of course).


After lunch, we walked over to DSW which is where Boogs started to unravel so instead of dragging the boys to Loft with me, we headed home for naptime. The toots woke him up about 30 minutes in, and he was not having going back to sleep so again, I gave up, and we played with his water table while Jesse finalized his paper. We also got to watch the neighbors get engaged in their backyard which I totally saw coming. We’ve never actually met them, but the way they were as far from the house as they could get and the way they were standing, I knew what he was up to, and I was correct.


When Boogs’s main objective became walking along the fence in hopes of stirring up the neighbor’s dog, it was time to move inside where he spent a few hours alternating between loading all his stuff in a shoebox and pushing it across the house and pushing me down so he could climb on me. Around 5:30, he started handing me his bedtime books to read which I’m pretty sure was a sign so he was in bed by 6, and Jesse and I grilled steaks for dinner. At some point, Boogs is going to be old enough to realize we used to put him to bed and then grill dinner, and he’s going to be so mad. But until then, it’s going to keep happening. Most likely on a weekly basis.

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