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Back Home Again in Indiana


Let’s just go ahead and tackle the elephant in the room – we morphed into the Griswolds this 4th of July. It was a slow process that also happened all at once as I imagine most morphings do (I don’t really know as this was our family’s first morphing).


I’ll skip the boring parts and jump to the part where Jesse destroyed a table. It’s called Table In A Bag, and it’s brilliant for things like Symphony on the Prairie (where we were) – the legs come off, you roll it up, and into the bag it goes. What it’s not brilliant for is standing up to 1 ½ year olds. There remains some debate as to what exactly sparked the table destruction – I maintain Boogser fell into it knocking it over while others maintain he fell on it and it collapsed. Either way, he was fine (not a single tear), but the table was not. Mostly because Jesse proceeded to jump up, flip the table over, snap the legs off, roll the top up and dump the whole thing in the trash. . .while my dad and sister provided play by play and color commentary and my mom and I pretended like we had never met these people ever. Looking back, my biggest regret in this entire incident is that it will without a doubt go down in family lore, but Isaac’s not old enough to actually remember what happened during The Great Table Incident of 2017.

Sunday was also a banner day as Jesse and I were at each other’s throats pretty much all day for no real reason other than we’re tired and need a vacation. But Monday! Surely Monday would be better! And it was. Until I got a call from daycare saying Boogs had a fever and maybe pink eye. When I picked him up, he was sitting on a cot next to his blanket while holding half a banana. Not eating half a banana, just holding it like some sort of pink eye trophy. Turns out it may or may not be pink eye but it’s definitely an ear infection so he’s on the amoxicillin that smells like childhood and we’re battling eyedrops 4 times a day (well 2 now – good luck, daycare!) just in case.


I don’t want you thinking the entire weekend was total garbage because it wasn’t. We finally got our Big Hoffa’s fix on Friday night, our Titus fix on Saturday morning, Boogsie hung like a champ for SOTP and LOVED the fireworks (dancing, ooohing, shrieks of delight, the whole thing), and having to go fill the amoxicillin and eyedrops prescription meant we got a peanut butter pie for Monday and Tuesday (I highly recommend a grocery store pharmacy). It was just a bit of a bumpy road. Like spray the bottom of your sled with a non-nutritive cereal varnish and end up in the Walmart parking lot toy donation bin bumpy road. But you know what they say – it’s the 4th of July and we’re all in misery.

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