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I Don’t Even Know

I always feel like these types of posts are cheating because really, Jenn, you can’t pull together at least 250 words about something? But we leave for vacation Sunday which means I’m basically a useless human being whose mind is nothing but packing and to do lists at this point so here we are.


Have you ever prepped for vacation with a 1 ½ year old? Here’s how it works: take everything in your house (including the pantry and refrigerator) and cram it in a suitcase. You won’t use 98% of it, but you need to pack it all just in case. The pack and play was one of the first things on the list and I’ve gone to add it to the list about 92 times so it will, of course, be the one thing we forget.

I’m 75% sure I’m doing a Lasik endorsement, and my main concern about it right now is that my nose is going to look huge without glasses to balance it out. I get that I could go blind from the surgery, but nose size is concern #1. The intensity of the bags under my eyes is concern #2. So really the blindness is coming in at #3. I’d say my priorities are spot on.


We take Boogser to breakfast or lunch all the time but never dinner because the witching hour is real with this one. But since we have vacation coming up, we figured it would probably be a good idea to do a trial run to see what we’re up against, and he was a total champ which was extra surprising since it was a Friday. He started running around the house like a maniac when we asked if he wanted to go on an adventure and didn’t fight getting in the car at all. We just went to Culver’s because we’re not complete idiots, but he did so well. He spent his time yelling toddler sounds back and forth with some other kids, yelling “baby” at the baby, ate maybe 5 fries, and licked a chicken tender so we’re calling it a victory. (Update: we went to dinner again Wednesday night. It was a little touch and go until the food showed up which just proves this really is our kid.)

Pro tip: when you’re bragging to your husband about how you went a little nuts during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale last year (don’t get confused – we’re still poor; I just focused on $20 tops and $50 dresses) but steered clear this year, don’t blow it by going to Loft 2 days later. Everything was 40% off though so I made us money. AND he said he likes when I do things like go to Loft because he likes to tell the guys at the country club how “the wife’s spending all the money again” so everybody wins. (Please note that we don’t belong to a country club. I don’t really know what goes on in his head movies.)


We went to an air show type thing last weekend thinking Boogs would love it, and he probably would have if he hadn’t been so tired. This kid wakes up ready for a nap so he wasn’t overly impressed with sitting in the law’s car, in the SWAT vehicle, shooting the fire hose, or the bounce houses. He was, however, all about walking around in the hangar they had open. Basically we could have stayed home and turned him loose in the garage and it would have been the same day.

Have you seen Zoolander 2? Don’t. It was absolutely top 5 of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. I knew the reviews weren’t great, but it seriously makes Let’s Go To Prison look Oscar worthy. Why did I sit through the whole thing? Because the remote was out of my reach and Jesse was doing school stuff so I didn’t want to bother him to bring it to me. It’s grad school and we’re all making sacrifices.

And now, children, I must succumb to the siren call of the washer and dryer. It’s a wild Friday night over here.

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