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8 Minute Memoir (Games)

I forget where I saw the 8 Minute Memoir, but it seemed like a good writing exercise so I figured I’d jump on board. I’m incredibly behind and have no idea when/if I’ll finish it. Such suspense!


Megan and I hated Monopoly. Kristin loved it. And Christmas Eve was the one day of the year all 3 of us willingly agreed to play it. I don’t know if Megan and I caved because of Christmas spirit (aka candy cane and hot chocolate sugar highs) or if we caved because of sheer boredom, but every Christmas Eve, we’d break out that horrendous game and play until at least one of us got bored.

The problem with the way we play Monopoly is no one really wins. We go around and buy up all the properties, but then we all cheap out and refuse to build houses or hotels. Do you know how long a game like that lasts? One’s entire childhood. (We actually just kept playing the same game year to year). Which made it the perfect activity for Christmas Eve because the entire day was basically waiting around for 5:30 in the pm when we’d have dinner, go to church, and get the Santa ball rolling.

Oddly we never got super competitive with Monopoly like we did with other games. Bedbugs may or may not involve “defense”. Uno may end with a shunning or two. But Monopoly? We keep it clean. Well, other than fighting over who gets to be what piece and accusing the banker (always Kristin since she was the only one who could math) of stealing money. But overall, Monopoly had a very lackadaisical air about it. And maybe that was why we hated it so much. It didn’t have any built in drama. Maybe we needed those houses and hotels so we could have slumlords and tenants sneaking out in the middle of the night. It could have morphed into a game of Judge Judy which would have been right up our drama loving alley.

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