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2018 Goals

Looking back at last year’s goals, it would appear I was hit with quite the burst of motivation. This year, however, I’ve been hit with quite the burst of apathy. Whereas last year I had goals plural, this year I have just the one: to write a book. Just kidding. That sounds like a ridiculous amount of work for the girl who still hasn’t created her child’s baby book 2 years after said child was born. And it’s this apathy that leaves me concerned even just this one goal is too much for me to take on. So what is this new goal? To get back to early morning workouts? To shower every day? Nope. It’s to clean my bathrooms twice a month.


I’m officially planner royalty. NBD

I know what you’re thinking: if your main goal for the year is to clean your bathrooms twice a month, what kind of situation are you working with now? And the answer is: not a pretty one. Not a pretty one at all.

Life as a grad school widow is not an easy life. There’s barely time to remember your name let alone clean a bathroom. Alright, so there’s actually plenty of time to clean a bathroom; there’s just no real want to clean a bathroom. Adding to this complex situation is the fact that the main bathroom cleaner is suddenly overwhelmed with grad school work leaving this Charlie work to me. And when you hit the equal sign on this algebraic equation (look, Dad – I’m doing math!), you get bathrooms that haven’t been cleaned in a month or so at best.

It’s disgusting, I know, but I think you underestimate just how much I dislike cleaning the bathroom. I’m an incredibly Type A person who has serious problems delegating, but I had zero problems delegating the cleaning of the bathroom. I willingly turn a blind eye to the fact that 9 times out of 10 Lysol wipes are used instead of actual cleaner. I pretend I haven’t noticed the shower doesn’t get cleaned every time (it helps that I’m hella blind without my glasses). This how much I despise cleaning the bathroom.

But the time has come for me to stop living like a dumpster dweller and start living like the 50s housewife I’ll never be. Thus I’m vowing to clean these bathrooms of mine twice a month, grad school widow exhaustion and all. Of course, this starts after Jesse cleans them first since his class doesn’t start until Sunday and I really hate cleaning the bathroom.

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