Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana

MWM Seeking MBF

That’s Craigslist for married working mom seeking mom best friend (forever optional – we’ve barely met).

White Family 2017-46

I’m not looking for much in a MBF. Just someone who understands that a shower’s probably not going to happen between Friday and Monday. Someone who understands that I’ll be in garbage clothes all weekend because I’d rather not have my real clothes covered in peanut butter and hummus. Someone who understands that even though I’m wearing a swimsuit to take my child to the pool, there’s a solid chance I haven’t shaved my legs in a month.

I’m looking for someone who will join me in ordering a drink at lunch (or, at the very least, not judge me for ordering a drink at lunch), who will always be down for sharing the spinach artichoke dip, and who understands that sometimes dinner is frozen waffles and tots because that involves little to no screaming.

My MBF ideally has dirty bathrooms to match mine, children rocking clothes stained with guac and BBQ sauce, and children wearing Christmas pajamas in March because it’s still cold and they still fit.

A sense of humor is a non-negotiable, as is side eyeing Pinterest moms and a willingness to ditch the tiny humans for a day.

I need a MBF who knows the struggle of a car seat sitting in the kitchen for 2 weeks instead of being installed in the car (and who understands that this means you can’t take your child to/from school which isn’t exactly the worst). A MBF who knows that sometimes bedtime is the best part of the day. A MBF who knows that when I say parenting is the worst, I 90% mean it but still wouldn’t trade it. Except for the days when the whining is nonstop. Then I would 100% trade it.

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