Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana

Birthday Boy

When I married this man for his Social Security, I had no idea it would kick in so quickly. But here we are celebrating his 96th birthday with a feast of name brand Spam.


This post has been a struggle for me. I’ve started it 2385 times only to declare it garbage and delete it 2385 times. It really shouldn’t be this hard, and yet it is. I think it’s because this dude is a real life champion and I don’t know how to put it into words. Not only does he willingly share his Social Security checks with me, he willingly shares his chocolate covered almonds with me. He never gets mad at me for spending money, he orders me to take time for myself, and he constantly offers to let me spend what would surely be a glorious night all by myself in a hotel.

This man uprooted his entire life to follow me halfway across the country and has never once thrown it in my face. I’ve seen him put his life on hold to help his family when they needed it. He even once saved a man who was various levels of high drunk from a burning car without even thinking twice about it (technically it was “only” smoking).

He’s going to grad school while working full time so Boogser can have opportunities he never did. He’s driving a car that’s on its second to last leg because he believes a savings account is better than a shiny new object. He’s looking at a closet that’s only a quarter of the way full because he’s a weird size/shape and it’s hard to find things that fit right.

He’s single handedly keeping Yahoo and MSN in business, has a fierce grilled cheese addiction, and can tell you more about ‘90s hip hop culture than Method Man. He gets excited every time he discovers a white hair, prides himself on being ridiculously early for everything, and won’t commit to a new restaurant until he’s looked up the menu. He’s teaching Boogser important man lessons like how to put his hand on his back and tell me “achy”, who the Playboy Playmates are, and how to grunt the poop out.

He’s the best husband, best dad, and best general human. Happy birthday, Baby Daddy! I’m so #blessed to have locked you down.

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