Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana

Thursday Thangs

I don’t even care if pouring rain and falling temperatures doesn’t count as March coming in like a lion and we have a blizzard in 2 weeks – FEBRUARY IS FINALLY OVER. That was a long 28 years, and to celebrate making it to the end, I’m gifting you with everyone’s favorite blog post – a journey through my head movies. You are welcome.


He was hipster before hipster was hipster.

We blew through the latest season of Mozart in the Jungle in a week, and while I liked this season better than last season, all the conducting was driving me crazy. I’m pretty sure they didn’t even try to sync it up with the music and it was like watching a show where the audio’s off from the video. Anyway, I now need a new show to watch so if you have a good one, let me know. It can be girly, too, since grad school widowhood continues for 5 more months.

I started reading The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fu*k and it’s so good. It’s not earth shattering for me yet (I’m already pretty good about declaring things not worth my time), but I now completely understand why I’ve heard multiple people say everyone should at least read the You Are Not Special chapter. I’m not exaggerating when I say everyone in society needs to read that chapter. And you should probably be required to read it again for each social media account you have. I just solved 92% of America’s problems.

I went to Orangetheory at 5 in the am yesterday because I’m insane a boss, and when I got home, Boogs took one look at me and said, “Donut.” The last – and only – time I came home from 5 in the am Orangetheory with donuts was Jesse’s birthday 2 weeks ago so I’m not really sure why he thinks this is a regular thing. Then again, I’m also not really sure why he had a purse full of babies or why he was smuggling magnatiles out of school in his pants leg. The child remains a mystery.

2018 is turning into the year of the cheese board over here, and it’s the best resolution I never made. It’s really more of a cheese platter since I don’t have a board, but whatever. I also have no idea how to properly make a cheese board – I just randomly pick up some cheese from the under $5 part of the cheese section at Kroger, put it on a platter with some crackers, grapes, salami, and jerky type thing since Jesse won’t eat salami, and call it a day. Boogs then pitches a fit because I won’t let him hoard it all to make a tower so it’s best served with wine. It’s the classiest we’ve ever been.

What’s this Vero thing? Is anyone on it yet? Is it better than Facebook? Well that’s a dumb question because really, anything’s better than Facebook. Is it better than Google+? (Yes, I realize I just set the bar even lower.)

And now for the most exciting part of this post – the part where I turn off the online to go clean the bathrooms. Resolutioning hard over here.

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