Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana


We opted to not do a breakfast/brunch/whatever with the bunny this year for a couple of reasons: 1) The Easter Bunny freaks me the hell out, and 2) The Easter Bunny freaks Boogser the hell out. They had the Easter Bunny make an appearance at school, and when I asked him about it, he spent a solid 20 minutes telling me, “No Easter Bunny get you. Scary. No Easter Bunny get you.” Same, little man. Same.


We did, however, decide to attempt the egg hunt at Conner Prairie on Saturday. Like the amazing mother I am, I forgot his basket so we subbed in the Chipotle chip bag he refused to let go after lunch. His strategy was to pick up an egg, open it to see what was in it, and then think about maybe picking up another egg so the bag ended up being the perfect size to hold all 2 eggs he walked away with. He was way more into petting all the animals, attempting to climb everything he saw, and pitching a fit when it was time to leave.


Sunday, Boogser woke up to his Easter baskets (we’re not crazy overdo Easter people – my parents left one for him when they were down here a few weeks ago) and I forgot I was supposed to make pancakes so the boys had their standard frozen waffles and I had eggs (not dyed eggs though since we never actually got around to that activity). It was all very festive, but not as festive as throwing the basket grass all over the living room which is proving to be our only real Easter tradition. Jesse and I cleaned all the grass up during nap time because I couldn’t take the mess anymore, and then of course Boogs wanted to know where the grass was when he woke up so I may have told him that the Easter Bunny comes back during nap time to clean up the grass and take it with him. I am a questionable parent at best.

2018-03-31_14-40-04_446 (2018-04-03T00_18_37.041)

The highlight of the day, however, was dinner which Boogs opted to not join us at the table for so much as grab his peanut butter sandwich and biscuit (it was a hard pass on the lamb and sprouts for him) off his plate, take a bite, run from the back door to the front window to watch the snow, come back for another bite, run to the watch the snow, and repeat until it was time for pie. At one point he pulled his shirt up and turned around to face the window so the neighbors could get a good look if they were so inclined. There was also a moment when he gifted us with his best David Hasselhoff and laid down on the kitchen floor to eat his biscuit. This kid is 100% his father.

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