Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana

Winter: Day 2674

It was 34* with a windchill of 24* when I went home for lunch today, and yet the children at the Catholic school next door were outside for recess. In some cultures that would be considered borderline child abuse, in other cultures it would be considered full blown child abuse, but right now in Indiana, it’s considered child abuse if you don’t let them outside when it’s that warm.


Yesterday was April 16th and it snowed all day. Last Monday we awoke to snow on the ground and snow falling from the sky. On Easter we got 5 inches of snow. And the week before that was another 5 inches. The polar bears are slowly making their way down here because they heard their odds of survival are greater.

People of the Midwest are slowly losing their minds with cabin fever. A couple weeks ago I attempted to take Boogser to the Children’s Museum, but when I couldn’t find anywhere to park, we went to the zoo instead. It was in the mid-40s with a windchill in the mid-30s and it felt two degrees shy of balmy. This past Saturday Boogs and I were playing outside, and 65* felt middle of July hot.

The prevailing theory is we’re going to skip over spring altogether and go from snow to 90* overnight which would be fine by me. The stone cold fact is if Mother Nature doesn’t pull it together here soon, the people are going to band together to mutiny against her, and I don’t even know how that would work since no one’s even seen Mother Nature since the 70s.

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