Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana

2 1/2

I’m pretty sure we just brought this kid home 2 days ago, but Jesse tells me it was more like 2 ½ years ago. I never was very good at time math.

home depot

As of yesterday, Boogs has officially been living off of us for 2 ½ years, and last week he finally started earning his keep by doing the dishes. He starts telling us “I do dishes” at breakfast and keeps it up until it’s actually time to do the dishes after dinner. He then pitches the mother of all fits when the dishes are done. Don’t worry – I have this all on video for 10 years from now when he tells me I’m the worst mom ever for making him do the dishes.


He’s still in love with being outside. Favorite outside activities include helping me build my arm strength by insisting on being carried to the park rather than walking or riding in the stroller and “playing” with his neighbor friends. Occasionally I can get him to actually play, but it’s mostly him standing in the garage giving them all the side eye and then telling us “I play with my friends!” after they all go home.


His ideal day is still the Children’s Museum, but he’ll also gladly accept Conner Prarie, the zoo, the library, and Target. Every time we drive past Target, he yells “Target!” from the backseat. I am nailing this parenting thing.


This child is obsessed with comfy pants. He demands them every morning, and a few months ago he started refusing to wear his fleece pajamas with the feet in favor of his comfy pants pajamas. We were at the zoo a few weeks ago and there was a group of women walking in front us, all of whom were in leggings, so naturally Boogs decided yelling, “They have comfy pants on!” was the right thing to do. He’ll also yell “Baby!” at babies, and the last time we were at Titus he passed the time by yelling what the table next to us was eating. Just doing his part to keep everyone informed.


The thing we’re mostly concerned about is this child’s memory. It’s freakishly good. The other day he pointed to exactly where he fell down a few weeks ago, and he still talks about the pool water that went up his nose last summer.

conner prairie

Favorite foods remain garbage foods, but we’ve now added dried cranberries, and based on the 2 pints he took down in 4 days, strawberries to the mix. He loves to sing Baa Baa Black Sheep, Wheels on the Bus, Daddy Finger, and the ABCs and will sometimes randomly tell me “I love you, Mommy” which leaves me dead every time.

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