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I suppose I should start with the most exciting news. . .Jesse started his last grad school class Monday!!!!!! In 7 weeks and 2 days (not that we’re counting), I will no longer be a grad school widow, and we won’t even know what to do with all this time together.

The second most exciting news around here is I just signed up for my first ever 5k! Orangetheory is slowly turning me into a jogger (with a soft j) and a 5k now seems like a great idea. It’s 4 days before I turn 35 so it’s mostly to prove to myself that I don’t need a wheelchair yet. My goal is to jog the whole thing, but we’ll see what happens. Really though, as long as I’m not in tears over how badly my legs hurt that night like I was after walking the mini (dehydration is no joke), I’ll consider it a victory.


In Boogs news, this kid is 100% turning into his father: he remembers and requests places based on the food. When we go to Target, he immediately asks for a brownie or cookie (he got one once). We go to the zoo or Children’s Museum and he’s demanding a snack and a carousel as soon as we walk in. We went to the “big park” and he requested ice cream before we even got there (again, it happened once). This is exactly how Jesse operates so I don’t know why I’m surprised, but damn if this kid’s life doesn’t revolve around food.

Mom friends I have a question: pre Boogs I pretty much never got stomach bugs; post Boogs I get them all. the. time. I’d say it’s coming from Boogs/daycare, but he never seems to get it. Is this some weird popping out a kid side effect no one tells you about or am I dying? WebMD was a little unclear.


I’d been hearing about The Miracle Morning and since it  was (and still is) free in Prime Reading, I downloaded it about a month ago. I finished it a few weeks ago and 2 out of 10 would recommend. Seriously. This books is about 98% a waste of time. Unless you want to read over and over again about how he died for a few minutes, hit rock bottom after crushing life for awhile, and is in the Cutco Hall of Fame (I can’t make this up), I recommend either a) skipping straight to chapter 5, or – the better option – b) downloading the free chapters and worksheets off the website. It’s not rocket science to figure out what you’re supposed to be doing, and the book itself isn’t exactly what I’d call motivational so much as self congratulatory. The Cutco Hall of Fame, guys. Look for him there.

2018-06-24_11-41-10_456 (2018-06-26T21_26_35.169)

We’re keeping with 4th of July tradition and will be melting at Symphony on the Prairie tomorrow. While I have concerns about the heat, my biggest concern is that we don’t channel our inner Griswolds again this year. I never actually got the replacement table so we might be okay, but I’m not holding out a whole lot of hope. The boozeahol should make it all okay though, right?

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