Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana

The Rough Days

Yesterday was rough. Boogs was up at 6:30 in the am Saturday and at 5:48 in the am yesterday and guess who was up with him both days. He was exhausted and in turd mode, and I was exhausted and in I have no patience mode. It was not a match made in heaven. Had I posted any of the pictures I took over the weekend, though, it would have looked like another idyllic weekend, and that’s why I’m sharing this. Because as much as I hate to publicly admit I was a mediocre at best mom this weekend, I think it’s more important to talk about how some days are about nothing more than survival.


Some days you’re tired or you’re sick or you just want to be left the hell alone and you wake up counting down to bedtime. Those are the days you give your kid so much screen time you consider Blippi a close personal friend by the time the day’s over. Those are the days dinner consists of Cheetos and dried cranberries. Those are the days you phone it in and then feel guilty about it as you go to bed.

But I don’t think you should feel guilty about it because some days are just hard days, and really, as long as everyone’s alive and fed at the end of the day, you succeeded. Sure it was more Cs Get Degrees than A Game, but who’s on their A game all the time anyway? I guarantee there are days you go into work, do the bare minimum, and don’t even think twice about it. And I think the same philosophy should extend to parenthood because raising tiny humans is beyond exhausting and sometimes you need a break when you can’t really take a break and so you have to create one as much as you can.

So yes, yesterday I took Boogs to Conner Prairie, but it was really only for selfish reasons. Like the fact that it was a million degrees outside and I could confine him to the air conditioned part. Or that this kid loves to color, but while at home he’ll purposely throw crayons on the floor and color on the table, he’ll act like a civilized human while coloring at Conner Prairie. And, if we’re being completely honest, because at Conner Prairie, I can just sit on a bench and watch as he runs around the room which is the closest I’ll get to a nap.

Yesterday wasn’t a great day, but it was a day we all came out of alive so while I won’t brag about it, I will take it.

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